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Do not allow this if you are a lady expecting to concieve

How to avoid Misconceptions on child bearing in Marriage Do you know you can be so full of joy even though you are having difficulties given birth to a child? In this article, I will be sharing with you a couple of women who have gone through the same situation and are now living happily with their children because they discovered this truth and avoided common couples' mistakes about childbearing in marriage.  Having read this article, I hope you too will earn more courage and sooner we'll celebrate you. First, I must start by saying, "marriage is not only meant for childbearing," but should base on True Love. The question is; do you know what True Love is? Please get me right: This doesn't make childbearing less important (in marriage) but all I'm saying is, "Love" (TRUE LOVE) should be the first thing you must be sure you have towards "your husband/wife to be" before launching yourself into a marriage. Marriage can be influenced by so ma

How to overcome challenges of life.

My word to you reading this post today is to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CHALLENGES ARE RIGHT NOW!!! Things will get better soon DON'T GIVE UP How to overcome challenges of life Introduction This Life is full of uncertainties! Many are times (in our individual journey in life) some things suddenly happen that we had never expected; and they'd become big and/or stubborn challenges to us and seem to have no solution. This makes us feel so lonely even though we have people around us. We feel so dry as if there is no blood in our veins, and things look terribly impossible as though we'll never find a way out any more. It may possibly get to a state that we sometimes find it so dif´Čücult to think of the way forward. But; do you know what? All those feelings and/or thoughts are just in our thought You are probably thinking;  How do I mean? Now, Let's look at it from this perspective!! For each and everything that happens on a dail