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How to check your pregnancy status with sugar

  (a.k. a) Sugar Pregnancy Test Introduction One of the most popular natural ways of checking a pregnancy status amongst African Women it’s by using Sugar and Urine. Table Of Contents Aside from that, it’s also one of the cheapest.  In this post, I will teach you the simple way to check your pregnancy status while spending almost nothing, and you can do it yourself Items needed for the test A Bowel: A clean Bowel  Sugar A Sample of Urine: Just like some other pregnancy tests, you’ll collect a portion of your first Urine in a small container, early in the morning when you wake up. Process Use a tablespoon to measure the sugar, take just one teaspoon full and put it in the bowl and pour the urine sample you collected on the sugar. Wait and watch it for some minutes. Positive Sign If you are pregnant, the sugar will not dissolve because the urine of a pregnant woman contains the hormone called human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone prevents sugar from di

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 10 easy steps.

Don't get it twisted! Anxiety is part of life, but not looking for a way forward could cause you more than what you can bear. It is natural to the human sensibility that we'll become nervous or worried when we are going through a challenging period. The dangerous side of this is; many people had allowed more damages to their health because they were focusing on the apprehension for too long. Let me take you through both the factors that could resonate with anxiety, the effects, and sound solutions to it. CAUSES OF ANXIETY There are three (3) major factors of anxiety disorder. And we can divide the facets to two categorize, which are internal and external factors. Physical condition. The Effects of drugs/ Medications. Mental condition. The common external factors or physical condition of anxiety are stress; and it can come through unique methods, such as… Financial Stress: If you can't meet up with your financial demands.  Work Stress: when you are feeling so exhausted at wo