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7 Best ways to improve your relationship

Preamble Do you think you value your relationship enough? Many are having challenges in their relationship these days because of the unknown or half knowledge of how a good relationship should really be. Table Of Contents We all face different challenges in our relationships, and we also react to them according to our knowledge and maturity. But those that have enough knowledge and are well matured better manage their relationship because of what they know and practice daily. In this article, I’m discussing with us what it really means to value your relationship /marriage. Please make sure you read till the end and share your consent in the comment section below. “Thanks in advance” Whatever you don’t value will deprecate in no time. Your actions and reactions towards something / someone you value or not is what speaks louder that even a deaf and dump can quickly see the truth, if you truly are saying what’s on your mind or just pretending. But if your ac

17 Reasons why some men lose interest in their wives

 Intro Relationships between husbands and wives are differ because different parents raised them, and the way they raised a guy or lady can affect his/ her character positively or negatively. Table Of Contents It can even affect his / her own relationship / marriage later in the future.  Women are so special that everything that is blessed, everything that increases are tagged after them.  How do I mean? We use she/ her for a Country, a Company, an Organization or any plant yields. This is a huge plus to all women worldwide, their physical and inner beauty make the world go round and know man can live a complete life without them (though, they too can’t live a complete life without men) vice versal. That’s why they say “Behind a successful man there a “wise” women". They are blessed with great potential, and unpredictable Strength is one of them, amongst other qualities God has blessed women with. But this doesn’t make them perfect, as  men also have

14 Reasons Why Some Women Lose interest in Men

There are some attitudes that are common among men, especially the married men which women don’t like at all. These negative attitudes from some men has caused some women to lose interest in some relationships / marriages, and because the Ladies are no more interested in the relationships because of their husbands weaknesses this has caused many broken homes, broken relationships, broken marriages, and turned many families upside down. Although there are also  reasons why some men lose interest in their wives too, but for men / husbands to correct their own wrongs, make their families worth emulating in the society, and also give chances for peace to reign in the family, “as the head of the home” they should adjustments if found guilty of any of these things, below are reasons why some women lose interest in their husbands. 1. Some men always act like a Boss to their wives, whatever they say is what the wives must do, they don’t allow their wife’s opinion whether or not it’s useful


 3 Powerful Words That Harmonize Marriage/Relationship Introduction Wisdom is the key, sometimes we need just one or two words to resolve some issues in the family or in our relationship with other people (friends, neighbours, and / or business partners) but we said another thing, either by mistake or we just altered the wrong word which later escalated the issues and the situations got worse. It’s true that nobody is perfect, but you must keep learning to keep growing, because the more you learn, the more you grow. Wisdom means knowing the right thing and doing it at the right time. For you to Master this heart soften words you must be humble because pride will never allow you to use them appropriately so you’ll also lose their benefits.  Why must I use this powerful words often? You must use them often because they are very powerful to the extent that they could make or mar your life, relationships, business, etc. So, for you to prevent some unnecessary fights / grudges between you a

40 ways to maintain a good relationship

  40 Ways To Keep A Relationship Working. ( Advice for Couples) Are you tired of what is happening in your relationship/ marriage and asking yourself, how can I make my relationship/ marriage work again?  There is always a way out of any problems, be it Spiritual, Financial, Health, etc. All we need is to know that way out, to know the right action we must take to get a permanent solution to that problem. This article is purposefully written to make us put more focus on those things we think are not relevant and they are gradually destroying our relationships and marriages because as useless as they look, they are so useful are could make or mar our relationship/marriage if we don’t know how to make use of them to strengthen our relationship/Marriage or we just ignore them.  A working relationship is a working marriage (meaning, if the two persons that call themselves Spouses or husband and wife don’t find their common ground, if they don’t relate with each other well, if they are not

21 Differences between love and emotion

21 Differences between love and emotion Have you ever thought about this? Okay, nothing should get you confused; well, with an excellent research and personal studies on people’s characters, I’ve finally come up with these 21 differences you can find between love and emotion. I wish this make positive changes through your mindset, and in your entire life, as you begin to see love in a new way. Please read on. Knowledge is power, but knowledge you do not act upon will remain in the feature of an empty frame, no matter how beautiful it looks, until we insert a picture in an empty frame it’s lifeless. The art work, design or a picture inserted will determine its attraction to the world. Be it good, the end means often give details on the characters, such as our lifestyle, thoughts, actions and reactions towards people and things around us; all those things formulate gradually by what we hear, see, the community we found ourselves or the general orientation of the surrounding people. W