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How to unzip a zip file on Android

Gone are the days when you must have a full computer system in form of PC or Laptop before you can unzip Zipped files, but with the invention of some Android phone Apps (like Files by Google, B1, Archiver, MiXplorer, RAR, WinZip, ZArchiver and more) you can unzip, extracted or split Zipped files thereafter, you can pick anyone you need from the files and use with ease. If your Zipped file is a Website's template you can see this  post  on how to install it on your blogger website. The world Technology is coming down to Android phone because they have discovered Android users are increasing day by day, of course not everyone can afford the prices of a computer system or Laptop, but with the way things are changing these days, in no time you’ll be able to do everything you do on a computer system or Laptop also on your android phone. Already you can do many tasks you could only do before on computer system, Laptop also on your Android phones, and get the same quality of the result yo

How to prevent your Android phone from hanging.

  Do you face any challenges while using your android phone? Maybe you discovered that your phone keeps hanging or Apps are taking too long to open, probably it has happened before and you’ve spent money to flash it, and you are frustrated as many people are spending so much to flash their phone when it suddenly hangs and stops functioning, they can’t operate it again, to make it work at this stage they have to take it to a phone Engineer. null  This information I’m about to share is simple, but very important, unknown to so many people, which is why they keep waisting money to the Phone Repairers / Engineers. They say, Knowledge is power. In addition, I will say, No Matter how powerless and information is its still powerful than the person who doesn’t have it at hand. I felt this information will help others too when I fell victim of this same challenge of “PHONE HANGING “ which prevented me from using my phone for 5 whole days, my phone started hanging and later stopped working, (the