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Do you value your relationship

Preamble Do you think you value your relationship enough? Many are having challenges in their relationship these days because of the unknown or half knowledge of how a good relationship should really be. We all face different challenges in our relationships, and we also react to them according to our knowledge and maturity. But those that have enough knowledge and are well matured better manage their relationship because of what they know and practice daily. In this article, I’m discussing with us what it really means to value your relationship /marriage. Please make sure you read till the end and share your consent in the comment section below. “Thanks in advance” Whatever you don’t value will deprecate in no time. Your actions and reactions towards something / someone you value or not is what speaks louder that even a deaf and dump can quickly see the truth, if you truly are saying what’s on your mind or just pretending. But if your actions oppose your words, it means you either are

How To Know If Your Calls are being Forwarded / Monitored, How to Deactivate The Spy Software on Your Phone, and How To know Where Your Calls, Data's, Fax are being Diverted

Making a self safety one of our first set of priority is very important, dew to the rate at which people are been rubbed, killed, amongs some other evils that has been done to people because some people had access to follow them unknowingly through spy apps which could refill some secretes about their phone calls (a.k.a, Forward call or phone tracking) Don't get me wrong, You can track your phone / number if it was stolen in other to catch the thieve and get it back, but for someone elsewhere to to be tracking your phone number, to secretly be listening to your phone conversations with other people each time you make a phone call, receiving your messages secretly on his or her own device could be very dangerous to your life and properties. What's Call  forwarding / tracking? Call forwarding simply means someone is secretly listening to your phone conversations and / or receiving the text messages sent to you by other people, on his own device without your own knowledge. T

Bank Transfer Codes for all Banks in Nigeria

  Bank Transfer codes GTB_(*737#) Fidelity Bank_(*770#) First Bank_(*894#) Sterling Bank_(*822#) Skye Bank_(*833#) UBA_(*919#) EcoBank_(*326#) Zenith Bank_(*966#) Stanbic Bank_(*909#) Access Bank Bank_(*901#) Wema Bank_(*945#) Diamond Bank_(*426#) Unity Bank_(*389 *215#) Heritage Bank_*322# KeyStone Bank_(*322 *082#) Union Bank_(*389 *038#) Fcmb_(*329#) or _(*389 *214#) EcoBank_(*326# ) Ja'iz Bank (*389*301#);              *And* code to check BVN : Dial *565*0# How to check your NIN For your National Identification Number NIN, Dial *346# in your phone number you used for registration of NIMC.                How to confirm your NHF To confirm your NHF registration/number, dal *219# from d number you used to register. How to Block your Account Knowing how to Block your account is very important because in times of emergency running to the bank might be too late more especially during weekend.       UBA : dial *919*10#  from the mobile line linked to your account Fidelity Bank : dial

How to prevent phone Charging point from damaging.

Many a times people waste money on things they shouldn’t just because they don’t have proper knowledge on how to properly manage or handle them, so it may last them until they decide to do away with it. Our phone is one of the things we must learn how to properly handle so it won’t develop problems consistently. If you don’t want to continue to waste money repairing your phone consistently, then you must learn how to handle your phone properly. Every hole in your phone is very delicate and should be treated as such and knowing both how to and how not to handle Your Android phone or any other types of phones will help prevent some problems your phone could develope because of mishandling. Never the less, this post is focus on how to properly handle your phone charging-point to prevent it from damaging. For easy understanding, I will give it two outlines, which are  1#. The proper way to insert or remove Charger from your phone :  #a. Some phones charging-point are placed upside down and

How to disable an app on your PC/Laptop

  No doubt that some apps can be so stubborn with unnecessary notifications, and you just feel like disabling them for a period is the best. Perhaps you discovered an app is running underground which is slowing Down the functionality of your PC, or you just wish to disable an app on your computer because you won’t be needing it for a period. And no matter what your reason is, you can easily disable an app or a group of apps on your PC or Laptop by following this simple guide step by step and you’ll be through within seconds. Locate the Window icon on your computer system and click on it. There you’ll see the list of all the Software / Apps, both very visible on the home screen and some that are a little hidden. Locate and click on System Configuration. If you can’t find it on the screen then type and search for it. “The system may ask: Do you want to allow the following program to to make changes to this computer?, Click, yes. Click on Startup , then you’ll see your Software / app

How to use Android phone as Desktop

  With this simple method you can easily use your Android phone to do a “Desktop supported survey, and / or browse a large website / higher performance websites that only support the use of a Desktop / Laptop without problems I purposely put this information down for those who do not have a Laptop or far from their laptop, but have to do something online quickly that required them to use a laptop. Do you take classes, have to read some stuffs, or take surveys on websites which require you using a laptop, and you must attend to it on time so you won’t Miss it or you have little time on your own side this is a way out for you. Although it may look very tiny, but you can still achieve your aim on your Android phone if you try. Many websites are built to optimize automatically to your phone screen sizes but some are not because of the purpose they were built for, so with no need of downloading an app you can use the website like you are using a computer system or Laptop and get thing done

How to unzip a zip file on Android

Gone are the days when you must have a full computer system in form of PC or Laptop before you can unzip Zipped files, but with the invention of some Android phone Apps (like Files by Google, B1, Archiver, MiXplorer, RAR, WinZip, ZArchiver and more) you can unzip, extracted or split Zipped files thereafter, you can pick anyone you need from the files and use with ease. If your Zipped file is a Website's template you can see this  post  on how to install it on your blogger website. The world Technology is coming down to Android phone because they have discovered Android users are increasing day by day, of course not everyone can afford the prices of a computer system or Laptop, but with the way things are changing these days, in no time you’ll be able to do everything you do on a computer system or Laptop also on your android phone. Already you can do many tasks you could only do before on computer system, Laptop also on your Android phones, and get the same quality of the result yo

How to prevent your Android phone from hanging.

  Do you face any challenges while using your android phone? Maybe you discovered that your phone keeps hanging or Apps are taking too long to open, probably it has happened before and you’ve spent money to flash it, and you are frustrated as many people are spending so much to flash their phone when it suddenly hangs and stops functioning, they can’t operate it again, to make it work at this stage they have to take it to a phone Engineer. null  This information I’m about to share is simple, but very important, unknown to so many people, which is why they keep waisting money to the Phone Repairers / Engineers. They say, Knowledge is power. In addition, I will say, No Matter how powerless and information is its still powerful than the person who doesn’t have it at hand. I felt this information will help others too when I fell victim of this same challenge of “PHONE HANGING “ which prevented me from using my phone for 5 whole days, my phone started hanging and later stopped working, (the