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How to check your pregnancy status with sugar

  (a.k. a) Sugar Pregnancy Test Introduction One of the most popular natural ways of checking a pregnancy status amongst African Women it’s by using Sugar and Urine. Table Of Contents Aside from that, it’s also one of the cheapest.  In this post, I will teach you the simple way to check your pregnancy status while spending almost nothing, and you can do it yourself Items needed for the test A Bowel: A clean Bowel  Sugar A Sample of Urine: Just like some other pregnancy tests, you’ll collect a portion of your first Urine in a small container, early in the morning when you wake up. Process Use a tablespoon to measure the sugar, take just one teaspoon full and put it in the bowl and pour the urine sample you collected on the sugar. Wait and watch it for some minutes. Positive Sign If you are pregnant, the sugar will not dissolve because the urine of a pregnant woman contains the hormone called human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone prevents sugar from di

How to Format your PC Or Reset it to factory setting without a backup disc or hard drive

  You can reset, deleted or format windows, your PC to factory settings without cd or a Flash drive. For instance, if you must format everything on your PC /Laptop, and you want to do so without backing up any of your documents, Software or app. Table Of Contents   Why Should You Format your PC? You may format your computer for reasons such as. If You want to sell it out , If it’s corrupted, and it’s giving you stress. If you want to give it out, and you do so in other to protect your privacy. If you want to gain more space for other documents. however, no matter what the reason is, don’t worry, you can easily do so just by following this step-by-step guide. In this post I will explain in full details, how to format or delete everything on windows PC with no backups with a cd usb or hard drive. Learn how you can reset windows 7 to factory settings without CD.  Formatting and/ or reformatting can be defined as the process of restoring a drive to its freshl

How to generate an html sitemap for your Website

Intro Adding a sitemap to your website is very simple if you can just follow this simple guide. Table Of Contents There are three ways to generate a sitemap for your website, you can generate a sitemap for your site by using XML, Html or by just adding your website link to this code () In this post I will teach you the two easiest ways to add sitemap on your website, either you use Blogger or WordPress, this two works well on both. But before I go further on this, you can also check this post on how to add a sitemap page on Blogger if you are using an already made website template like Sorak…. Because with the experience I've had, that particular sitemap codes doesn't work well with blogger default Themes. Why you need a sitemap : the first reason why you need a sitemap is to allow search engine crawl your website's pages for people to easily discover your web pages through the search engine result pages (SERP) that have answers to their search

How To Know If Your Calls are being Forwarded / Monitored, How to Deactivate The Spy Software on Your Phone, and How To know Where Your Calls, Data's, Fax are being Diverted

Making a self safety one of our first set of priority is very important, dew to the rate at which people are been rubbed, killed, amongs some other evils that has been done to people because some people had access to follow them unknowingly through spy apps which could refill some secretes about their phone calls (a.k.a, Forward call or phone tracking) Don't get me wrong, You can track your phone / number if it was stolen in other to catch the thieve and get it back, but for someone elsewhere to to be tracking your phone number, to secretly be listening to your phone conversations with other people each time you make a phone call, receiving your messages secretly on his or her own device could be very dangerous to your life and properties. What's Call  forwarding / tracking? Call forwarding simply means someone is secretly listening to your phone conversations and / or receiving the text messages sent to you by other people, on his own device without your own knowledge. The

Bank Transfer Codes for all Banks in Nigeria

  Bank Transfer codes GTB_(*737#) Fidelity Bank_(*770#) First Bank_(*894#) Sterling Bank_(*822#) Skye Bank_(*833#) UBA_(*919#) EcoBank_(*326#) Zenith Bank_(*966#) Stanbic Bank_(*909#) Access Bank Bank_(*901#) Wema Bank_(*945#) Diamond Bank_(*426#) Unity Bank_(*389 *215#) Heritage Bank_*322# KeyStone Bank_(*322 *082#) Union Bank_(*389 *038#) Fcmb_(*329#) or _(*389 *214#) EcoBank_(*326# ) Ja'iz Bank (*389*301#);              *And* code to check BVN : Dial *565*0# How to check your NIN For your National Identification Number NIN, Dial *346# in your phone number you used for registration of NIMC.                How to confirm your NHF To confirm your NHF registration/number, dal *219# from d number you used to register. How to Block your Account Knowing how to Block your account is very important because in times of emergency running to the bank might be too late more especially during weekend.       UBA : dial *919*10#  from the mobile line linked to your account Fidelity Bank : dial

How to prevent phone Charging point from damaging.

Many a times people waste money on things they shouldn’t just because they don’t have proper knowledge on how to properly manage or handle them, so it may last them until they decide to do away with it. Our phone is one of the things we must learn how to properly handle so it won’t develop problems consistently. If you don’t want to continue to waste money repairing your phone consistently, then you must learn how to handle your phone properly. Every hole in your phone is very delicate and should be treated as such and knowing both how to and how not to handle Your Android phone or any other types of phones will help prevent some problems your phone could develope because of mishandling. Never the less, this post is focus on how to properly handle your phone charging-point to prevent it from damaging. For easy understanding, I will give it two outlines, which are  1#. The proper way to insert or remove Charger from your phone :  #a. Some phones charging-point are placed upside down and

How to disable an app on your PC/Laptop

  No doubt that some apps can be so stubborn with unnecessary notifications, and you just feel like disabling them for a period is the best. Perhaps you discovered an app is running underground which is slowing Down the functionality of your PC, or you just wish to disable an app on your computer because you won’t be needing it for a period. And no matter what your reason is, you can easily disable an app or a group of apps on your PC or Laptop by following this simple guide step by step and you’ll be through within seconds. Locate the Window icon on your computer system and click on it. There you’ll see the list of all the Software / Apps, both very visible on the home screen and some that are a little hidden. Locate and click on System Configuration. If you can’t find it on the screen then type and search for it. “The system may ask: Do you want to allow the following program to to make changes to this computer?, Click, yes. Click on Startup , then you’ll see your Software / app