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How to add automatic Scroll widget in Blogger

  Activating a page scrollbar widget on your website or web pages can be an amazing improvement to the usability and functionality of your website, because it will help any visitors to read everything on your site with just a click. Visitors who just want to check round your website or web pages can always do that with ease with just a click all pages on your website keep playing like a video, and you’ll continue watching as you read along, but this doesn’t stop you from controlling the page with your hand even though the page scrollbar is still active, if there is there is anything you want to be sure you read well and understand, but if not then you may leave the page to continue scrolling while you enjoy your reading with no hassles. The most sweet part of this is that you can make it active across your websites by just embedding a Snippet / code in the HTML of your website, so if you are ready to make a page Automatic scrollbar active on your website pages all you need do is to fol