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How to generate an html sitemap for your Website

Intro Adding a sitemap to your website is very simple if you can just follow this simple guide. Table Of Contents There are three ways to generate a sitemap for your website, you can generate a sitemap for your site by using XML, Html or by just adding your website link to this code () In this post I will teach you the two easiest ways to add sitemap on your website, either you use Blogger or WordPress, this two works well on both. But before I go further on this, you can also check this post on how to add a sitemap page on Blogger if you are using an already made website template like Sorak…. Because with the experience I've had, that particular sitemap codes doesn't work well with blogger default Themes. Why you need a sitemap : the first reason why you need a sitemap is to allow search engine crawl your website's pages for people to easily discover your web pages through the search engine result pages (SERP) that have answers to their search

How to add Sitemap page in Blogger

 Follow this 3 Steps guide  to add a Sitemap widget in Blogger A Business Man / Woman who wants to be successful must always looking forward to making the processes which customers go through in purchasing and getting delivery be simple. This also applies to an Artisan or someone who renders services to others. A Sitemap does similar thing to your website, it helps visitors understand your website faster, and also helps them to navigate quickly to any page on your website with just a click. That is why a Sitemap is very important to your website, no matter it size either big or small. A Sitemap page is a single page which comprises all the contents of all other pages of the website. So it’s like the powerhouse of your website. To add a sitemap to your website, you must first learn how to edit the html of the website. Then you can continue with this tutorial to add a sitemap to your blogger website. Go to your blogger dashboard and navigate to   Edit HTML Follow this 3 steps and add a s

How to edit html in the new Blogger interface : Tutorial for Biginners

 To edit HTML in Blogspot, in the new blogger interface, follow this simple guide. After chosen the blog you want to update. #1. Go to your blogger darsboard, and click on the three lines at the top on your left corner. #2. Scroll down a little and click on Theme. #3.  Click on the pointing down arrow on the red button next to your current Theme. #4.  Click on Edit HTML Here we go, Below is the HTML, now you can make the changes you want to make. When you are through then you can follow the next two steps to save the changes you made. Click the 3 dots at the top on your right corner. Click save Now I'm through editing my Blogger html ,using my Android phone.

How to install a Template on Blogger Blog

As a new blogger, perhaps you don’t really like the blogger’s default Templates because of it simplicity, or you just feel like changing the look of your website’s pages, but you can’t really do much on your own side because you don’t know how to code. No worries, there are many websites you can download both Free and Premium website Template, and install it on your website and make happen the changes you want to see with ease.  For a new blogger who do not know how to install a new blogger Template on your website, just follow this simple step-by-step guide to do so after you have downloaded and Unzipped a new Blogger Theme / Template. #1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on the 3 lines at the left top corner. #2. Click on Theme #3. Click on the Small box right beside Customize  #4. Click on Restore #5. Click on Upload #6. Open File manager / File Explorer , locate the Theme file you want to upload. #7. Locate the file you  Unzipped Choose the file that ends with  XML  and w