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how to lead worship and praise and engage the congregation in the realm of worship till the end of the worship moment

  You can listen to the Audio version here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ Introduction Giving Quality Worship To The God Almighty goes beyond being a talented singer A successful worship leader is the one who focuses on leading the entire congregation into God’s presence, through worship. Table Of Contents Although every moment in church services is quality but we can compare none to the time of praise and worship because that is the time to give God what He deserves from us. Other times are for us to ask God for what we want from Him. The quality of your worship could determine the quality of your blessings throughout the service. A simple guide for a worship leaders (a chorus leaders) and backup Singers to give a glorious worship to God and at the same time keep each person in the congregation in the flow, and in worship mood. Being a choir member myself. I’ve discovered that even during worship- time, when a praise / Worship leader is leading the church in praise or worship song