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How To Know If Your Calls are being Forwarded / Monitored, How to Deactivate The Spy Software on Your Phone, and How To know Where Your Calls, Data's, Fax are being Diverted

Making a self safety one of our first set of priority is very important, dew to the rate at which people are been rubbed, killed, amongs some other evils that has been done to people because some people had access to follow them unknowingly through spy apps which could refill some secretes about their phone calls (a.k.a, Forward call or phone tracking)

Don't get me wrong, You can track your phone / number if it was stolen in other to catch the thieve and get it back, but for someone elsewhere to to be tracking your phone number, to secretly be listening to your phone conversations with other people each time you make a phone call, receiving your messages secretly on his or her own device could be very dangerous to your life and properties.

What's Call  forwarding / tracking?

Call forwarding simply means someone is secretly listening to your phone conversations and / or receiving the text messages sent to you by other people, on his own device without your own knowledge. The system is mostly used by the security arms of the government of a country, like the police, Army, Air force etc. They do this with the help of some Apps / Softwares that are capable to dectect the exact presence of the phone of their suspects. 

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But some wicked people, having got the tricks behind these Softwares could use it against some innocent people in order to harm them, that is why this article was written to enlightenment us on how we can stop these wicked souls from harming us as we get the knowledge on how to stop them.

How to know if your calls are been forwarded.

To know if your phone calls, data's, fax are being forwarded / monitored you must first of all dial (*#61#) or (*#21#) after you dial that it will show whether your calls or data or fax or are been forwarded/ monitored by someone or not.

if the result shows that your "call/data/fax forwarded, that confirms that someone somewhere is monitoring your phone number/line, calls etc.

if the result shows "not forwarded" it means your phone calls are being monitored, and you are safe because your calls and / or messages are not been forwarded by anyone.

But if it shows " forwarded" then in order to deactivate or stop this dial (#882#) or (##21#) to remove the "monitoring device" from that phone number/line. You can do this ( dial *#61#) on all your phone numbers to confirm and remove monitoring device.

How to know where your Calls, Messages and Datas are being Diverted.

if after taken the step (after you dialled the first code) on your device, you get to know that someone is monitoring your phone number, and you wish to know the number in which your phone calls, messages, fax and datas are being redirected to, Just  diall (*#62#)

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