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23 Ultimate Rule of Success In 2021

 There is no such thing as luck with success, Challenges come first, then success follows. Be reminded that only those who overcome their own challenges can become successful in life, like this saying that “Tough Times Don’t Last but Tough People Do“. I understand that success is not as easy as it been said by many people, even you that is reading this article might have tried so many things but things are not still working out the way you want, I won't deceive you,  this is the challenge most hustlers out there are facing, but it doesn't matter how many times you have failed, as long as you've decided to be successful, then you most keep learning and be proactive in taking the required actions.

 (That's one thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate and sfi, because  these two platforms are built in such way that can easily mark your progress and you are required to do so. This means, both the success achieved and the ones you are yet to achieve are  can be noted, and this has help me a lot in planing and achieving my goals)

Year 2020 came with great challenges and met many people unaware, but a big thanks to God that we are still alive to witness another glorious year (2021). Let me also remind you that the challenges in 2020 couldn’t stop some people from making it, and that is those who prepared for it. That means “if you want to be successful in life, you must be ready to face and conquer some challenges, for they will surely come. Year 2020 is gone forever, 2021 is another great opportunity for you to bring your Great Dreams to Reality. 

Will you seize great opportunities in this year 2021 to make something great happen in your life? 

“Faith, come by hearing,”... this article was written to reawaken you that “you can still make it no matter what has happened to you in the pass. You don’t need to give up, All you need is to make some great decisions and carefully follow these rules, then the sky is your limit.

#1. Take a Risk: There is nothing riskier than not taking a risk, even life itself is risky. I know that it’s not easy to invest your “hard earned money” on a Business you are not sure if it’ll bring profit or not.

 But if you refuse to try, how will you know?

Don’t allow pass fear or failure (s) to stop you from trying again. Even the people that are now successful once had their own dark days and tough times too. You are not a failure until you give up on trying. No one was destined to be poor, so “Try Something New Today” and Success will be yours.

#2. Whatever you want to do start on time: You don’t need to wait until you get everything ready, just begin, start from where you are, with what you have, you can always improve on it. No matter your level in life, there are chances for improvement.

"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."
-- Led Brown

#3. Be Focused, don’t allow distractions from people or other thing: It’s very easy to get distracted, distractions are like little baby / infant that cries to get the attention of it, mother. 

(I’m sure, at least 90% of mothers won’t hear their child cry and refuse to give quick attention to that child. Many of our mothers with leave whatever they are doing instantly and attend to that little child first and then continue with what they are doing later)

Distraction can come in any way, deploring many methods to gain the attention of it victims. And because of its tender voice that sounds so innocent (like baby’s), also sounds like someone who needs urgent help, so we leave the important thing we are doing and start doing unprofitable things. 

#4. Don’t judge people by their words or appearance, but by their actions: Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is so much deceit going all around, especially on the internet. Be very careful so you won’t be scammed.

#5. Use your Brain greatly: Great Leaders are great thinkers, don’t live your life like someone that has no purpose for living. Always create time to think about your life, where you were, where you are and where you want to be, this will give your life a direction.

#6. Don’t rely on someone’s promise, until he / she does what he promised: This doesn’t mean that all people around you can’t be trusted, No. Relying on someone’s promise Is like sitting on the fence, you are not sure if you’ll fall on the right side. Not because that person won’t keep his/her promise, but because he is a human being like you, and anything can happen. Don’t relax too much so you can move forward in life.

#7. Forget about the pass, focus on the future: The failure or success you had in the pass is pasted. Focus on the successes in the future.

#8. Be Truthful: Truthfulness is very expensive, only people with focus and determination can buy it. Despite that, many people don’t want the truth, yet only the success that has its foundation on the truth lasts forever.

#9. Learn to forgive easily, don’t keep grudges: There is a way the unforgiving spirit and grudges/malice keep your blessings far from you (accepting this or not doesn’t change the truth) and according to the working of the brain, you can’t think through if your mind is not calmed. So keeping yourself focused you must do away with grudges, plus learn to forgive easily for your success to come faster than you think.

#10. Start taking steps on what you want to become in future (your Dreams): Make sure you take a step forward each day towards your dreams this year.

#11. Become your own Boss: Don’t ridicule yourself, you can become successful in your business, you only need to keep learning and continue to take actions on what you learned.

#12. Don’t Scam others to make good living for yourself: If you want your success to be free from sorrow, get it in the right way.

#13. Think Twice before taking any Step : For example, if you want to invest in a particular business, think about the pros and crons in order to balance the equation and guide yourself against heart breaking.

#14. Search for opportunities : There are many opportunities around you (in your local area) that you can take advantage of, you only need to study, carefully look around to see what is missing. (a challenge or challenges in your local area could be a great opportunity for you)

 Another way is to calmly look inside of you, what do you have to offer, what’s your talent, your God given talent (s) are great tools you can use to make your dreams come true. 

The last one I’ll like to mention here is the internet. There are many business opportunities (that won’t cost you much money) on the internet you can tap into and make a living for yourself. You can join Affiliate programs, (like Wealthy Affiliate and Do Paid Survey, Create a Blog in order to share informations and Monetize it. All these and more are what you can do to make money online .

There are many business ideas / opportunities flowing all around that you can tap into, which could eventually help you live your dreamed lifestyle.

#15. Don’t waste Opportunities: No matter how little an opportunity looks, don’t take it for granted because you don’t know what might come out of it.

#16. See your failure as learning period: Avoid feeling too bad about your failure, it’s trying to teach you something, be calmed and wise enough to learn.

#17. Learn to control your emotion : As good as emotion is, it can also be dangerous sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you mean good or not. Not having power over your emotions could turn your passion to weakness.

#18. Be Hopeful: A man without hope is a dead man. Hope for a better tomorrow makes you want to live to see more days. Hope will renew your strength and confidence even in the times of failures.

#19. Learn from the people that have passed your current stage / level: There is a saying that “Experience is the Best Teacher” but you to also know that “it’s only a fool that will wait to learn from experience when he can learn from others”. There are some mistakes you might not wait to tell if you try to learn from experience, that’s why it’s wise to learn ahead so you won’t be a victim of such. And that’s why you need a mentor.

#20. Choose Your friends carefully: The people you choose as friends have a lot to do with you being successful or not, so choose your friends wisely.

#21. Be Persistent: Don’t allow anything to stop you from reaching your dreams, don’t be discouraged. Failures are lessons not stoppers, only learn from them don’t let them stop you. Keep trying, do it again and again until you get a good result, don’t give up. You must persist to succeed.

#22. Avoid Procrastination, Start something today : Someone defined POOR as Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. That is what procrastination does to it victims. As long as you keep procrastinating, you’ll keep on passing over opportunities that could make you great in life. The best time to start is now, in fact, “this very moment”.  Don’t worry about what you don’t have, Start with what you have. Thinking about what you have? 

You have your  Talent and Passion. Don’t worry about where you found yourself, “just begin“ little by little things will work out for good, and your dreams will become reality. But you must Start something today, tomorrow maybe too late.

Stop procrastinating, Procrastination very dangerous, and the worst enemy of progress.

#23. Spend within your earning : Avoid been in debt for things that can’t bring you profit. Spend within your mins. The best time to get a loan is when it’s for business, not to buy foodstuffs or cloth.    

 #24. Discover the Problem you were made to solve :  You'll be successful when you focus on solving a problem for people. Every successful person on earth are problem solvers. And you already have the potentials that can make you great in life (your talent, passion, your work), and don't rely on only one source of income.  You are solving some problems with your current work or business, just improving your knowledge on whatever you are doing, you'll get there one day.  It's very certain, some people that are doing your kind of work/ business are successful because they know what you don't know. There are rules for success in every business or work, all you need is to know the rules / tricks, and follow it properly, without missing a point, and success will be yours.

"It's not easy to be successful but very possible"   


Hope this help someone become better this year.

That's all I can say for now. Is there anything missing and you feel like adding to this list? 

Please add with your comment, let's learn from each other.

And don't forget to share with your loved ones. “Sharing is Caring”



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