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17 Reasons why some men lose interest in their wives


Relationships between husbands and wives are differ because different parents raised them, and the way they raised a guy or lady can affect his/ her character positively or negatively.

    It can even affect his / her own relationship / marriage later in the future. 

    Women are so special that everything that is blessed, everything that increases are tagged after them. 

    How do I mean?

    We use she/ her for a Country, a Company, an Organization or any plant yields. This is a huge plus to all women worldwide, their physical and inner beauty make the world go round and know man can live a complete life without them (though, they too can’t live a complete life without men) vice versal. That’s why they say “Behind a successful man there a “wise” women". They are blessed with great potential, and unpredictable Strength is one of them, amongst other qualities God has blessed women with. But this doesn’t make them perfect, as men also have their own clusters . And don’t forget that it’s only a wise woman that builds her home. This post was not written to abuse anybody but to help women look deeply into their lives and make necessary adjustments in their lifestyle because these are reports/ complaints gathered from men’s forum, and they are what they said they don’t like about their wives.

    #1. Some women give more to their career or job than family issues. They devote more time to doing their jobs and give little time to their homes. This is not good enough. If you are guilty, please make change and balance the equations.

    1. Contentment: Some women are not contented with what their husbands have. And can’t be trusted with money. They don’t plan according to resources available. They always give their husbands unnecessary heartache because they spend lavishly, not thinking of the future.

    #3. Competition in homes: There are some women that compete with their husbands and say that they have done this and that, and you, as the husband, have to do this or that.

    #4. Unappreciative attitude of some women are so alarming, that if the husband brings in a gift, instead of the wife to thank him for it, she’ll say (referring to the husband) “How much did you buy this one? How can you buy such a thing for me?, and such an attitude discourages the man.

    #5. Some women like to compare their husbands with other men, they want their husbands to be like someone else, some will even say it to their face, this happens especially if the Lady has parents that are richer.

    6. Uncontrollable anger: Some women are easily controlled by anger, they get upset at a little thing, and it is difficult to get them back to their normal state. They are very difficult to calm down.

    7. Nagging attitude of some women. Some women are fun to nag, they talk to their husbands anyhow, and to handle such a situation becomes so difficult for their husbands. This is a disrespectful attitude. No man like this, even if he’s much younger than his wife.

    #8. A man who has plans for his life and family before marriage and after wedding, the wife refuses to follow his set up plans. This could cause a man to lose interest in his wife.

    #9. Neatness: some women are not neat. Some just have their bath once in a day. It is so good to bathe at least twice a day. Some of them, after giving birth to their first child, they will stop putting on fitting dresses, because they think nobody is watching them.

    10. Let’s talk about having meaningful sex. Some women try to avoid having sex (making love) with their husbands when they want it. They give so many reasons why they are not available, and some of them use it to punish their husbands.

    #11. Some of them are so careless in handling things like finances, children, food and other things.

    #12. Some women take advice from outside more than from the husbands at home. Some women make friends outside with unmarried ladies. And some stories they discuss are not also too good.

    #13. Some wives are too lazy as they are not ready to go into any business, not ready to get something doing to support the family.

    #14. Some women make friends and take advice from ladies that have no value for marriage. And some stories they discuss are not good, because they always discourage her against her marriage.

    15. Some women are too proud because they have more than their husbands, so whatever they do in the house they brag and the husbands remain mute. The husband may at times find it difficult to eat.

    16. Inability to accept shortcomings: Some women find it difficult to take instructions from the head; and even when they are wrong, they will not agree, instead of saying “ I have wronged you “I am sorry” they find some defensive ways to cover up their shortcomings. This is not good.

    17. Insensitivity of some women in terms of project handling, they don’t comply with the husband’s instructions. For example: if the husband is having a building project and tells the wife to supervise it, they will not be committed to it, and the contractor who is handling the project will just do it haphazardly and they will have a poorly executed project..


    We grow in learning. Hope I’m communicating with some women out there. The question there is, Are you willing and ready to make some changes in your life so you may enjoy your marriage better?

    May God help you.

    Nothing is sweater than a relationship where both couples are matured, willing and ready to make work despite the challenges they face.

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