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14 Reasons Why Some Women Lose interest in Men

There are some attitudes that are common among men, especially the married men which women don’t like at all. These negative attitudes from some men has caused some women to lose interest in some relationships / marriages, and because the Ladies are no more interested in the relationships because of their husbands weaknesses this has caused many broken homes, broken relationships, broken

marriages, and turned many families upside down. Although there are also reasons why some men lose interest in their wives too, but for men / husbands to correct their own wrongs, make their families worth emulating in the society, and also give chances for peace to reign in the family, “as

the head of the home” they should adjustments if found guilty of any of these things, below are reasons why some women lose interest in their husbands.

1. Some men always act like a Boss to their wives, whatever they say is what the wives must do, they don’t allow their wife’s opinion whether or not it’s useful because they think they are the ones who are providing for the family, so they make the women feel less important.

2. Some men have the habit of littering the house (parlors, rooms and everywhere) with this they give their wives additional jobs to do at home, and this attitude bothers their wives. Women already have more than enough job to do in the house, and when their husbands return, they will compound the works for them, some women are not happy about this. For example: When some men come back from work, they just throw their shirts around the parlor, put off their shoes anywhere and come out with their cap, which they will later drop anywhere. Their wives have to go about picking and replacing those items appropriately. This automatically increases women's jobs at home, and they don’t like it.

  1. A man who had been staying alone before marriage, doing home chores for himself, such as sweeping, cooking, washing, but as soon as he got married, he will leave everything for his wife. This usually causes conflicts at home. Some women may not complain but don’t like it, so as a man you should assist your wife in any little way you can, at least by washing your own clothes sometimes.

4. Some husbands don’t appreciate their wives when they do little things. Learn how to appreciate his wife, commend her efforts in anything she does because a woman is a fragile object and little things can trigger her, either positively or negatively. Men should learn to appreciate their wives, and by doing this they will encourage them to do better next time.

5. Women are very fragile objects and this explains why they need care but some husbands are non- challant towards their wives such that they cannot look into their wives’ faces and try to read the meaning of their expression to know what they can do to help.

6. Most wives are not happy when their husbands are not sitting down together with them at home, (especially on weekends) some men go to work as early as 4 am every day (Mondays through Fridays) and still won’t stay home during weekends. Some women also feel bad when their husbands cannot dance with them without being shy. The wives want company and there is no better company for a woman than her husband.

7. Sometimes, Men should try to give their wives some kind of surprises by going to the market to buy foodstuffs, prepare food for the home, and also set the table sometimes. Most Women will definitely value such effort of love and care. If you are not doing any of these as a man try to do it, your wife is expecting it.

8. Some men see their wives as baby factories or mere cooks in the home instead of seeing them as their partners. Sometimes when one just gets married, the man will put the woman there as a baby factory just to bear children and maybe someone just to take care of the house before he comes back from work. He won’t even allow her to also pursue her dreams, She is expected to keep the house neat while he comes to eat and probably rest, not minding her emotional needs. The man does not even communicate with the woman, not even what he is passing through, and since he does not tell her anything she will know nothing. She cannot say when he is happy or sad, has enough money or not, and rather than communicating he’ll just talk when he feels like.

9. Some wives are not happy when their husbands are not sitting down together with them in the church, at home or even during a function or an occasion. Some men are even shy to take a work with their wives.

10. A man who pretends to like a lady’s mode of dressing, her look and physique but as soon as he brought her home he started giving her dos and don’ts yet he feel so relaxed outside in the company of babes/girls with half trousers. Some will even forbid their wives from perming their hair as they see it as a waste of their money, yet you’ll see such men with ladies who make all kind hairstyle.

11. Some husbands are so stingy. Women are looking up to you for the upkeep of the home even though they can support, but the bulk of the money needed in homes is expected to come from their husbands. Some men are not open-minded, they tend to hold things too tight, when they do not have money they plead with their wives to understand and their wives agree, but as soon as they have they become unapproachable. Your wives want your sincerity in this area.

 12. Some men don’t enjoy moving with their wives, they always tell them to go in front while they’ll be coming at the back, or move to the front and leave their wives at the back. This is not a good habit, and women don’t like it.

13. Some men would not bother to find out from their wives how the day went or what challenges they faced. They always behave as if they are the only one who works, many women are not happy with this and would expect a change of attitude.

14. Some men select the sex of their children as if their wives were the ones who put it there, and upon realizing that the sex of their wives pregnancy is not conforming to their expectation, they openly show their displeasure asking “has she given birth?, what did she give birth to this time?”. If it is a girl, the man will just hiss saying that one is “half current” and he does not need her. He wants male children. And for this reason, the man decides who among the children to train while the boys go to school the girls can learn a trade for as long as he cares.

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