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40 ways to maintain a good relationship


40 Ways To Keep A Relationship Working.

(Advice for Couples)

Are you tired of what is happening in your relationship/ marriage and asking yourself, how can I make my relationship/ marriage work again? 

There is always a way out of any problems, be it Spiritual, Financial, Health, etc. All we need is to know that way out, to know the right action we must take to get a permanent solution to that problem.

This article is purposefully written to make us put more focus on those things we think are not relevant and they are gradually destroying our relationships and marriages because as useless as they look, they are so useful are could make or mar our relationship/marriage if we don’t know how to make use of them to strengthen our relationship/Marriage or we just ignore them.

 A working relationship is a working marriage (meaning, if the two persons that call themselves Spouses or husband and wife don’t find their common ground, if they don’t relate with each other well, if they are not mature enough to handle unexpected occurrences, if they don’t know and understand their own weaknesses and the weaknesses of spouses too, their minds will not be true to each other, so they won’t be free with one another, they will begin to hide things from each other  (keeping secrets), and this will take away the trust they have for each other and affect the marriage negatively, which may later lead to separation.

When you Keep your relationship, you keep your marriage because The Strength of a good marriage is the relationship between both spouses.

I would have just said, “LOVE YOUR SPOUSE AS YOURSELF” but for a better understanding we need to break it down so we can know what exactly we must do to express our love to our spouses. See the list below.

1. Love each other

2. Don’t lie

3. Keep communication open

4. Stay sweet

5. When you get hurt, just forgive and forget

6. Never talk about break-ups

7. Never say it’s okay even when it’s not

8. Forget about “pride”

9. If you say sorry mean it

10. Don’t compare your past with your present

11. Don’t talk about your stupid ex’s

12. Give and take process

13. Beware of his/her feelings

14. When you had a fight, don’t let the day pass

15. Don’t be the perfect one, be the right one.

16. Don’t expect Perfection /Satisfaction from him/her 

17. Always settle Argument/fight between the both of you, avoid letting third party settling your fights.

18. Help each other when necessary.

19. Keep your financial status open

20. Trust each other

21. Study to know really know him or her, who he is, what she likes, etc

22. Surprise him/her with gifts.

23. Don’t expect too much from him or her, (he is not God)

24. Avoid complaints, correct him/her in love.

25. Always consider him/her when making decisions that may affect both of you.

26. Share your dreams

27. Do not focus on his/her weakness, rather focus and help his/her strength

28. Always encourage one another

29. Avoid making an instant conclusion on what you hear about him/her make your investigation first and know the truth.

30. Do not deny each other sex

31. You must decide to make your relationship/marriage work, no matter what.

32. Show your love for your spouse in your actions, not just in words.

33. Never fight till tomorrow, make sure you end your disagreements before you both sleep.

34. Learn to appreciate your spouse for whatever good he/she does for you, no matter how little.

35. Bear in your mind that your spouse can hurt you at any time because he/she is not perfect.

36. Prepare your mind to forgive and forget your spouse hurt you.

37. Be conscious of what you say when you are happy and when you are angry with him or her.

38. Learn to be calmed when he/she is angry.

39. Do not provoke him/her to anger

40. Love him for whom he is not for what he/she has: This is not just about money / properties, it could be beauty or handsomeness, as most ladies are looking for handsome guys with six packs, guys looking for beautiful ladies, these should not be your focus because they can fade off, or “God forbid” if something happen and disfigure them, will you stop loving him or her?

If the money/ properties that attracted you to him or her suddenly get finished, what will be your next action?


Show True Love to get True Love back, for what goes around comes around. These things are long in number, but are very easy to do only if you show genuine love. 

Remember, you can’t truly Love if you don’t know and fear the Almighty God.


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