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 3 Powerful Words That Harmonize Marriage/Relationship


Wisdom is the key, sometimes we need just one or two words to resolve some issues in the family or in our relationship with other people (friends, neighbours, and / or business partners) but we said another thing, either by mistake or we just altered the wrong word which later escalated the issues and the situations got worse.

It’s true that nobody is perfect, but you must keep learning to keep growing, because the more you learn, the more you grow.

Wisdom means knowing the right thing and doing it at the right time.

For you to Master this heart soften words you must be humble because pride will never allow you to use them appropriately so you’ll also lose their benefits. 

Why must I use this powerful words often?

You must use them often because they are very powerful to the extent that they could make or mar your life, relationships, business, etc. So, for you to prevent some unnecessary fights / grudges between you and your spouse or friends, to prevent unnecessary heartaches, to prevent some hindrances on your way to greater height, to prevent you from injuries, to have a rest of mind, and maintain peace you must embrace the use of these powerful words.

 What are these powerful words?


Let this word (Please) don’t depart from your mouth, it is a powerful and calming word that penetrates the spirit (which is the real man). Don’t forget. To say “Please” if you are asking for something from your partner or any person. It is a polite way of asking (e.g. Please, pass the book to me).


I’m sorry, is an apologetic word. It is a word filled with pity and kindness. Don’t be Mr. Right or Mrs Right in your relationship. Try to be apologetic. If you are wrong. Just Say, I’m sorry for peace to rain. This will soften your partner’s mind and it will.

penetrate his/her spirit,


Don’t forget to appreciate your partner always, in big

Or small things. Leam to say “thank you my love” this will go a long way in your relationship, if your partner gets Something for you. Just appreciate by saying thank you.

These three words are powerful, learn to practice them in all your doings. To cap it all, be prayerful. Pray.

Together always, in the morning and in the night. By so doing, your partner can’t be annoyed with you for any reason.

Benefits of these powerful words

These are the benefits you will get if you use these powerful words with a sincere heart and the fear of God.

  1. You’ll be in peace within yourself and with others.

  2. You will not need to worry about so many unnecessary issues you’ll always do your best to resolve issues as they arise in your relationship, within and outside your marriage.

  3. You won’t be comfortable with malice.

  4. You’ll be closer to God because you have nothing against anybody, so your mind is clean and at rest.

  5. You’ll keep your relationships and marriage intact. (Next to Perfection)


Prayer helps to break silent or any other thing in the mind of partners. For instance, if you are about going to bed in the night, it is your duty to call your partner for prayers. The response might be cold, but don’t worry, just continue your prayer, it won’t take long before you’ll start praying together. This could because of been silent for too long or hatred in your marriage. 

I pray that Divorce will be far from you in Jesus’ name.


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