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21 ways to avoid perpetual poverty

 How to avoid perpetual poverty, how to avoid being poor, how to deliver yourself from poverty, how to be successful in life. To be come rich in life is a gradual process, as much as to become poor. The only difference between the poor and the rich is that the rich do things in contrary to the poor. Some are financially rich but have poor mentality, while some are financially poor but have a rich mentality. The one who is rich in money may lose all if not careful, but the one who is rich in the mind may end up been financially rich. However, only time will tell by the result each of them gets as days go by. There are things we may not like to do but we do them, any ways because we are not conscious of them and /or we feel they are normal, for we are human being and not perfect, but those attitudes are gradually eating us up and depriving us of some opportunities unknowingly. The best thing that can happen to us in life is to gain the right wisdom at the right time so we won’t need to r

5 Things You can do daily to be Successful

  THINGS YOU CAN DO DAILY TO BE SUCCESSFUL Success is not just about making money, there are many other things involved when we talk about been successful in life. Like for example: Educational success, Professional success, Financial Success, and so on. However, no matter the kind of success you wish to achieve in life, there are basic things you must do to achieve them. These stand as the general law of success, which you must apply in your daily living in order to be successful in your chosen field. I believe you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come to life sooner than you think if you make use of these powerful tools to fast track your success in life. Although, God is the only one that gives genuine success, but what these success tips will do when you practice them daily is that they will help you achieved your goals at the right time with no delay. 1. PLANNING: Give a basic plan for the day; know the important things that you are going to achieve for the day. Just wr

The only escape route

 ARE YOU  TRAPPED BY SIN? (The Beautiful way out of sin) This Year is going to the end, you need to recheck your lifestyle and ask yourself these questions (with all sincerity) Am I living according to the will of God?, Am I living in His plan?, Does He know me? Any lifestyle that's against the will of God is a sinful lifestyle. Sin is a transgression of God's law, Adam and Eve fell in the Garden o f Eden because of sin, before they knew it they've entered into sin that limited them from enjoying the goodness of God. Are you trapped by sin and Satan held you into captivity? Proverbs, often c ontrasts the righteous and the wicked indicating two categories of people, those who honour God by the way they live, and those who dishonour Him. The righteousness of the upright deliver them, but the unfaithful will be caught by their lust. Prov 11:6.  For example, king David was a man after (God's) own heart 1 Sam 13:14, who generally feared the Lord in all his ways. Neverthel


 3 Powerful Words That Harmonize Marriage/Relationship Introduction Wisdom is the key, sometimes we need just one or two words to resolve some issues in the family or in our relationship with other people (friends, neighbours, and / or business partners) but we said another thing, either by mistake or we just altered the wrong word which later escalated the issues and the situations got worse. It’s true that nobody is perfect, but you must keep learning to keep growing, because the more you learn, the more you grow. Wisdom means knowing the right thing and doing it at the right time. For you to Master this heart soften words you must be humble because pride will never allow you to use them appropriately so you’ll also lose their benefits.  Why must I use this powerful words often? You must use them often because they are very powerful to the extent that they could make or mar your life, relationships, business, etc. So, for you to prevent some unnecessary fights / grudges between you a

40 ways to maintain a good relationship

  40 Ways To Keep A Relationship Working. ( Advice for Couples) Are you tired of what is happening in your relationship/ marriage and asking yourself, how can I make my relationship/ marriage work again?  There is always a way out of any problems, be it Spiritual, Financial, Health, etc. All we need is to know that way out, to know the right action we must take to get a permanent solution to that problem. This article is purposefully written to make us put more focus on those things we think are not relevant and they are gradually destroying our relationships and marriages because as useless as they look, they are so useful are could make or mar our relationship/marriage if we don’t know how to make use of them to strengthen our relationship/Marriage or we just ignore them.  A working relationship is a working marriage (meaning, if the two persons that call themselves Spouses or husband and wife don’t find their common ground, if they don’t relate with each other well, if they are not

How to add Sitemap page in Blogger

 Follow this 3 Steps guide  to add a Sitemap widget in Blogger A Business Man / Woman who wants to be successful must always looking forward to making the processes which customers go through in purchasing and getting delivery be simple. This also applies to an Artisan or someone who renders services to others. A Sitemap does similar thing to your website, it helps visitors understand your website faster, and also helps them to navigate quickly to any page on your website with just a click. That is why a Sitemap is very important to your website, no matter it size either big or small. A Sitemap page is a single page which comprises all the contents of all other pages of the website. So it’s like the powerhouse of your website. To add a sitemap to your website, you must first learn how to edit the html of the website. Then you can continue with this tutorial to add a sitemap to your blogger website. Go to your blogger dashboard and navigate to   Edit HTML Follow this 3 steps and add a s

How to edit html in the new Blogger interface : Tutorial for Biginners

 To edit HTML in Blogspot, in the new blogger interface, follow this simple guide. After chosen the blog you want to update. #1. Go to your blogger darsboard, and click on the three lines at the top on your left corner. #2. Scroll down a little and click on Theme. #3.  Click on the pointing down arrow on the red button next to your current Theme. #4.  Click on Edit HTML Here we go, Below is the HTML, now you can make the changes you want to make. When you are through then you can follow the next two steps to save the changes you made. Click the 3 dots at the top on your right corner. Click save Now I'm through editing my Blogger html ,using my Android phone.