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How to prevent phone Charging point from damaging.

Many a times people waste money on things they shouldn’t just because they don’t have proper knowledge on how to properly manage or handle them, so it may last them until they decide to do away with it. Our phone is one of the things we must learn how to properly handle so it won’t develop problems consistently. If you don’t want to continue to waste money repairing your phone consistently, then you must learn how to handle your phone properly. Every hole in your phone is very delicate and should be treated as such and knowing both how to and how not to handle Your Android phone or any other types of phones will help prevent some problems your phone could develope because of mishandling. Never the less, this post is focus on how to properly handle your phone charging-point to prevent it from damaging. For easy understanding, I will give it two outlines, which are 

1#. The proper way to insert or remove Charger from your phone : 

#a. Some phones charging-point are placed upside down and some are place normally, so for you to avoid damaging the charging-point area whenever you want to insert your charger you must check and know that you are inserting your charger in the right way because there is a small led in the middle of the charging-point area which always Link both phones and charger together and causes the connection in between, and the result is the charging of your phone. This led is flexible and can break when you wrongly insert a charger-cord into the charging-point of your phone, that’s why you need to make sure you always insert your phone charging-cord in your phone charging-point correctly. By being mindful of this, you’ll save some money and stress of repairing your phone charging-point frequently. And your phone lifespan may even last longer. 

#b. Positioning your hand correctly: You must always position your hand straight when you want to insert or remove a charging-cord from your phone charging-point, not curve or bend, to prevent your phone charging-point from damaging. At times, the charging-point don’t get spoiled totally at once but gradually, you might start seeing that the charging-point is shaking, and you must keep setting and resetting the cord into the charging-point area before you could set it correctly, this a sign that one of the three (the charger, the cord or the charging-point) is having problem. Fix Your Marriage

The improper way to insert or remove Charger from your phone: The following behaviors are not proper and may damage your phone charging-point area so you must stop them if you don’t your phone charging-point area to develop problems.

  1. Do not bend your hand when inserting or removing the phone charging-cord from the charging-point.

  2. Do not curve your hand when inserting or removing the phone charging-cord from the charging-point.

  3. Do not shake your hand when inserting or removing the phone charging-cord from the charging-point even when it seems so tight avoid shaking because it can cause damages to the charging-point area.


It doesn’t matter if you use wide mouth, tiny mouth or any other kinds of mouth your charging-cord has, if you apply what you learn from this tutorial safeguard you from ignorantly causing any damages to your Computer, phone, Laptop, Desktop or any other kind device that uses a cord for whatever reason. Hope this will help someone.


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