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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 10 easy steps.

Don't get it twisted! Anxiety is part of life, but not looking for a way forward could cause you more than what you can bear.

It is natural to the human sensibility that we'll become nervous or worried when we are going through a challenging period. The dangerous side of this is; many people had allowed more damages to their health because they were focusing on the apprehension for too long.

Let me take you through both the factors that could resonate with anxiety, the effects, and sound solutions to it.


There are three (3) major factors of anxiety disorder. And we can divide the facets to two categorize, which are internal and external factors.

  • Physical condition.

  • The Effects of drugs/ Medications.

  • Mental condition.

The common external factors or physical condition of anxiety are stress; and it can come through unique methods, such as…

  • Financial Stress: If you can't meet up with your financial demands. 

  • Work Stress: when you are feeling so exhausted at work or work for too long. 

  • Relationship stress: Stress in your personal relationship or between friends because of conflicts. The feeling of not being able to meet up with some duties in the family could be another reason for relationship Stress.

  • Emotional pressure: This could happen because of unpleasant occurrences. Eg: when you lose some money or the trauma such as the death of a loved one.

  • Stress from studying/schooling: The agitation of not getting what you're learning right on time, or not getting the answer to your question, could also cause distress. 

  • The horrible feelings of some serious illness.

Anxiety from the Effect of drugs/ medications

  • Using illegal drugs, like heroin, cocaine, etc.  such hard drugs could stimulate anxiety gradually.

  • Taking of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cigarette, or any other smoking components.

  • Anxiety could occur because of the effect of some medications.

  • Lack of oxygen in circumstances as diverse as high altitude sicknesses such as pulmonary disease or emphysema.

  • Anxiety could be a Symptom of medical illness (like the hypoglycemia, heart attack, and/or heat stroke)

The common internal or mental anxiety 

  • Phobic disorder: Phobic anxiety is when you just have a powerful feeling of hatred and/or fear towards something, or towards someone unreasonably. eg: Cat phobics, Dog phobics, etc.

  • Panic disorder: This is the period of panic attacks, a condition when you feel very nervous, and that causes your heart to beat faster.

  • Stress disorder: Worry / Pressure that comes because of the problems in someone's life.

  •  Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): The generalized anxiety is often cause by excessive worry about everyday life by most people because they worry about everything such as money, family, work, health school, relationships,.  These peoples have accommodated fears to where it has dominated their lives, which is causing So many sicknesses and untimely death. If not dealt with on time.


#1- Excessive distress or ongoing worry and tension

#2- An unrealistic view of problems

#3- Mental / Emotional turmoil or a feeling of being "edgy"

Irritability: Easy to anger or a frequent annoyance.

Muscle tension: The Constant bodily relinquishes of physical strength. 

Headaches: A Sudden and/or continuous pain in the head. It could be a one-sided headaches 

Sweating: Anxiety could provoke unusual sweat.

Difficulty concentrating: Easily lost concentration.

Nausea: Feeling like you might throw up.

The need to go to the restroom 


Tiredness/weariness: often get tired or feel exhausted either when working or not.

Trouble falling or staying asleep

Shivering: A sudden shaking of a part of the entire body.

Being easily frightened: Feeling uncomfortable almost all the time.


There is always a technique to attain any successful stage in life; and to get a lasting solution to any problems, there are things that we need to do. Here are 8 proven steps, you can take to free yourself from anxiety.

 #1- Love yourself for whom you are

#2- Avoid Loneliness

#3- Believe in yourself 

#4- Share your Predicament

#5- Discover your Uniqueness

#6- Do some recreational activities 

#7- Do your favorite hobby

#8- Listen to melodious music 

#9- Think / Say good things to yourself always.

#10- Get enough sleep

#1- Love yourself for whom you are: When you love yourself you have probably unraveled 90% of the secrets to solving any problems in life. To work against "GAD", you must shun depression and/ or low self-esteem. You are beautiful in your own way. Don't live your life on the negative things people say about you. Everyone has his own deficiency. God has made you so unique that no other individual likes you. So you really don't need anyone to tell you if you're  beautiful or not because you're already made so. Don't permit any condemnation on your imperfections. 

Note: This shouldn't deter you from accepting corrections and bringing about improvements where and when necessary.

Even if you must allow any of what people are saying about you, it must be the positive ones and be sure to keep improving on them as you get better every day.

#2- Avoid Loneliness: The times I permit you to stay alone are (1) when you're.😂 (2) Planning. (3) Thinking about the way forward 🔼. Or whenever your impressions are positive; and not when you're sad 😩.

But Whenever you are not feeling good or feeling depressed, it's better to move outdoor; meet people 👫. Mix with other people around, and you'll get over it.

#3- Belief In yourself: What is that thing that is making you feel sad? And why is it taking hold on you that much?.

If you can give an adequate response to those questions, then you'll see that the only thing that could make you sad almost every day is because you don't know you have everything that can help you make it right inside of you, but you do, so, believe you can overcome your challenges, believe things will work for you, believe you can make it, believe your time is coming, always tell yourself you can… Instead of being panicked, think your way through. Your mind is your gold store, your life bank account (make sure you are depositing greatness, not failure), and the source of your success, guide it jealously. Don't make yourself pitiable, have confidence in yourself. Yes, " you can fly" 🚀.

#4- Share your Predicaments: A problem shared "with the right person",👤 is half solved. Whenever you perceive you can't think through and get a solution to your problem (s) the most favorable option is to let out, telling a friend about your situation will only lightning your mind.💡 And you'll feel lighter 🔆as both of you are now sharing the burden. That's "the quality of a good 🌟 friend."  Avoid keeping your problem (s) especially when you seem not to have a solution for it.

#5- Discover your Uniqueness: Self-Discovery / Self-Identity has a lot to do with both "self-confidence" and "Prosperity" in life. There is something so special about you, which we can’t find 🔎 in another person. Originality is the basis for excellence. You might not be good at some things, but you're best at some other things. All you need to do is find and discover your strength.

Remember, there is strength in every weakness and Sense in every Nonsense.

Are you ready to know how to discover yourself?

Then, please answer this simple question; 

What is that "good thing" you love to do, that might be stressful, but you enjoy doing, which instead of stress, all you see is fun and/or pleasure; things could do with or without a tangible reward from anyone, you'll still be fine. You might need to relax and flashback on some things you used to do way back to support your research, but one certain thing is after the discovery, the excitement will be so great that you'll feel so accomplished and rule your world 🌎

#6- Do some recreational activities: Sometimes to get over anxiety disorder one might need to be involved in some recreational activities which comprise workout 🏃 or a sporting event.🏈 These help a lot in surpassing many kinds of anxiety.involved7- Do your favorite hobby: This is a reasonable time to perform your skillful act. Do you like to sing, play drums, swim, etc?. do this, and you'll get over depression or anxiety.

#8- Listen to melodious music: There are always some special feelings that come with music 🎶 which gradually propelled a cheerful mood, especially when listening 👂to one's favorite song (s). So listening to wonderful songs can help a lot in getting over anxiety.

#9- Think/Say wonderful things to yourself: This is probably the most difficult idea that has I Am given as a solution to this issue of anxiety. It naturally looks absurd (for someone to be feeling unhappy and still be able to Think good, without the talk of saying good things to oneself) but it's very possible, that's the reason you must have control over your emotions, Despite whatever that might have happened, you need to secure your future, and for you to do that you must speak positive things (like my future is great, I will overcome these challenges, etc) into your life most especially in your difficult times.

#10- Get enough sleep: Sometimes you might just need to rest to get back your good health; most especially when you have overstressed your body system, or when you've had sleepless nights because you were busy working throughout the nights.🌚 If that's the case, therefore you need to realize that you must remain strong 💪 for a sufficient performance at work. Remember, work will still be there when you are no more.

The Wisdom there is to learn how to manage both your work and body So you'll remain fit while your business keeps growing.



P.S.: In summary, If we could discern all these in the natural sense of humor, the three common things that could often get us anxious are IMPATIENT and FEAR, ANGER.

Learn below how these things could lead to all other types of anxiety. 

#1- Impatient: The most prominent cause of anxiety/tension is impatient. When you're expecting something and you feel like it's taking too long to get or expecting over how to attain a higher level at your job or to achieve better success in your business. etc

#2-Fear of failure: Each time you have this impression that an unpleasant circumstance that you are currently in might defeat you. Fear comes in unique ways, and it grips on us are also unequal, but every one of us has his own fears.

#3- Anger:  Anger could be both the "cause" and the "symptom" of anxiety; because when you get angry 👿 easily it can lead to anxiety, and anxiety itself could lead to excessive anger. Anger can make you nurture unforgiving spirit, and that will increase ➕  your worry/fears; and what is the essence of life that is all about violence 👊?

People who get angry easily, naturally possess an outrageous sense of anxiety disorder. You must learn how to live in peace with everyone to prevent the problems of anxiety disorder.

To experience a significant change, we must take note, and deal with these things to a minimal stage, to live a substantial and healthy lifestyle. 


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