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9 Simple ways to win a man’s heart


Simple ways to win a man’s heart

A Man is the easiest being, many women don’t realize, that’s the reason for unnecessary confrontations in marriages. Understanding your man is the key 🔑  to permanently turn him to your new baby, and he’ll be thrilled to ever support you in every pursuit.

 In accomplishing this, below are what to do. 

#1- Honor him like a king, but treat him like a baby.

#2- Prepare him delicious food always; and give him his favorite at least once a week.

#3- Avoid nagging: men completely hate that.

#4- You must be prepared for sex always: A Man likes to have it when he feels like. If there is anything that won’t allow it, please relate it with love.

#5- Love his people and often show them love.

#6- Don’t assume he should know what’s the matter with you at all times, sometimes he might need to be called to attention

#7- Study and understand him, there are variable moments to get what you want from him.

#8- Always exhibit an act of respect towards him, even in misunderstanding.

#9- Ask for his opinion and permission before you make the final decision on any issues that concerns family.

Marriage is the only school/ constitution where the certificate is given at the beginning,


  1. It’s expected to have no end.

  2. It’s expected to be learning periods, as much as fun times too.

  3. And challenging, but with a mindset that’s focusing on solutions to those challenges

It’s true that a woman who will enjoy her matrimonial home must possess these three qualities PATIENCE, ENDURANCE, and HUMILITY. for patience helps to observe, endurance helps to subdue and humility increases wisdom, when you combine these things, what you’ll gain is maturity and the enablement of being a better Queen of the home because you rule the home in the first place.

The reality of your marriage can become heaven on earth if you are ready to work it out because the marriage you don’t stop working at is the one that will work out well.


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