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21 Differences between love and emotion

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21 Differences between love and emotion

Have you ever thought about this?

Okay, nothing should get you confused; well, with an excellent research and personal studies on people’s characters, I’ve finally come up with these 21 differences you can find between love and emotion. I wish this make positive changes through your mindset, and in your entire life, as you begin to see love in a new way. Please read on.

Knowledge is power, but knowledge you do not act upon will remain in the feature of an empty frame, no matter how beautiful it looks, until we insert a picture in an empty frame it’s lifeless. The art work, design or a picture inserted will determine its attraction to the world. Be it good, the end means often give details on the characters, such as our lifestyle, thoughts, actions and reactions towards people and things around us; all those things formulate gradually by what we hear, see, the community we found ourselves or the general orientation of the surrounding people.

Who we become or the behavior we later exhibit as we grow often show the results of what we have accumulated or the influence of our environments on us. These ways of life could be good, harmful or harmless which we may not know or the thought never come across our minds because we feel that’s how we do in our hometown, village and /or tribe, because if we don’t know what something is not we may not really understand what’s; ie, we may not know how essential it’s,

That’s why we sometimes do right things in the wrong way, for lack of knowledge or inadequate knowledge of what it’s we are doing. The two most influential things in life are culture and religion. Most times what they thought us are good, but the way the trainer relates it does matters a lot; for that’s what we’ll create certain scenes upon and generate some kinds of imaginations in our subconsciousness which could define our reactions or actions towards that thing/ subject in matter. (A child left to be beating other children without being corrected for example might grow up being so wicked if he’s not tamed earlier). Teachers, mentors, parents or the person trying to relate the knowledge often fail by being self-centered or by giving inadequate explanations which is the reason we must always take time out to reread, ruminate, meditate and/ or study whatever we have been thought by someone else, and always have a rethink on our lifestyle or behavior. This will do nothing than to help you understand yourself better and show you ways on how to improve on yourself constantly. 

Many have thought the subject of love in many beautiful ways which were so sweet in ears, but the only cluster here is that many loves preacher are not giving sufficient knowledge on this subject.

how do I mean?

Their focuses are more on the emotional aspect, forgotten about the act of love, which makes it more meaningful and entails maturity and strategies and are more beneficial than the emotional aspect. This doesn’t make the emotional aspect of love unimportant but to call ourselves to a realization on how essential it is for us to balance the two. If you want to do this, you first need to understand the true meaning of love. However, here I’ve listed some differences which, if we think deeply about, may help us live a more impactful and a better lifestyle.

#1- Love is Perfect

#1- Emotion is imperfect

#2- Love solves problems.

#2- Emotion causes problems

#3- Love is constructive

#3- Emotion is destructive

#4- Love is peaceful

#4- Emotion is painful

#5- Love is easy to control

#5- Emotion is hard to control

#6- Love is always wise

#6- Emotion can be foolish

#7- Love is flexible in nature

#7- Emotion is hard in nature

#8- Too much of Love is good

#8- But too much of Emotion is bad

#9- Love is liberal

#9- Emotion is Selfish

#10- Love lasts forever

#10- Emotion doesn’t last

#11- Love makes alive

#11- Emotion kills

#12- Love is patient

#12- Emotion is impatient

#13- Love Endures

#13- Emotion flees

#14- Love is always right

#14- Emotion may be wrong

#15- Love is always conscious of the end result before an action or reaction

#15- Emotion does not

#16- Love is always adequate

#16- Emotion can be too much or not enough.

#17- Emotion abhors hatred

#17- Love does not

#18- Emotion changes

#18- Love grows

#19- Love without Emotion is bad, 

#19- but Emotion without Love is worst

#20- Love is always positive

#20- Emotion can be negative

#21- Love is Love

#21- Emotion could be for LOVE or for HATRED

Whenever I heard of persons who injured or killed, the persons whom they claimed to love, all in the name of love. I feel so terrible because that doesn’t show any sign of love. And such things don’t take a full effect immediately the emotions gradually spread through and overtake them. The incidents might occur because of jealous. But the question is, will genuine love ever push you to do such things? 


Now, how do you discern love? 

Love is that whispering voice that often tell you to keep calm when you are angry, resist you from reacting immediately to any wrong actions towards you, he also teaches you to treat others with kindness, to avoid pride, to respect others and their opinions, to give to others, and to always put God first in everything you do. That’s who Love is.

On the order side; As wonderful as emotion is, you must tame it, to have full control over it, because it can go haywire and make you regret your life.  Although, emotion makes us feel we are alive, the pains and the sweetness of life, but if I’m to give a sanction on the rates or percentages on how everyone should always react to love and emotion, I’ll give Love 80% and emotion 20% making a hundred percentage (100%). Love standing alone could be 100% or more, but emotion on its own should never exceed 30%. Avoid giving too much attention to your emotions, because emotion can be too much, but love can never be enough. The Last point I’ll like to make here is, if you can't remember everything please don't forget the most important two lessons emanated from this article,  which are…

 (1) learn how to put your emotions under control completely.

(2) no matter how much love you’ve shown in the pass or now showing, you can never outspend Love, so keep loving keep living.

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