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21 Differences between love and emotion

21 Differences between love and emotion Have you ever thought about this? Okay, nothing should get you confused; well, with an excellent research and personal studies on people’s characters, I’ve finally come up with these 21 differences you can find between love and emotion. I wish this make positive changes through your mindset, and in your entire life, as you begin to see love in a new way. Please read on. Knowledge is power, but knowledge you do not act upon will remain in the feature of an empty frame, no matter how beautiful it looks, until we insert a picture in an empty frame it’s lifeless. The art work, design or a picture inserted will determine its attraction to the world. Be it good, the end means often give details on the characters, such as our lifestyle, thoughts, actions and reactions towards people and things around us; all those things formulate gradually by what we hear, see, the community we found ourselves or the general orientation of the surrounding people. W

9 Simple ways to win a man’s heart

  Simple ways to win a man’s heart A Man is the easiest being, many women don’t realize, that’s the reason for unnecessary confrontations in marriages. Understanding your man is the key 🔑  to permanently turn him to your new baby, and he’ll be thrilled to ever support you in every pursuit.  In accomplishing this, below are what to do.  #1- Honor him like a king, but treat him like a baby. #2- Prepare him delicious food always; and give him his favorite at least once a week. #3- Avoid nagging: men completely hate that. #4- You must be prepared for sex always: A Man likes to have it when he feels like. If there is anything that won’t allow it, please relate it with love. #5- Love his people and often show them love. #6- Don’t assume he should know what’s the matter with you at all times, sometimes he might need to be called to attention #7- Study and understand him, there are variable moments to get what you want from him. #8- Always exhibit an act of respect towards him, even in misund

17 simple ways to win your woman's heart a

Do you know your wife can be so understandable and easy to lead if you learn how to win her, make her your best forever?. These are Magical strategies that can make a Lady always crave for you, and ever ready to serve you, even though you never give her a dime... These Simple tips will help you get the very best of your woman, if you follow it promptly.  Many men think it’s hard to control a Lady, or make her always wish and willingly comply with their guidelines, but that’s not true. Below are wonderful tips, things you can apply to better enjoy your wife from today. #1- Always appreciate her #2- Keep your financial status opened to her #3- Let her know your plans, most especially on your money. #4- Share your experience for each day with her. #5- Always give room for her response #6- Take time to ask her questions  about her she spent her day #7- Never shun her: #8- Tell her sorry when you're wrong. #9- Help her in homework, even in the kitchen when you not busy. #10

Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 10 easy steps.

Don't get it twisted! Anxiety is part of life, but not looking for a way forward could cause you more than what you can bear. It is natural to the human sensibility that we'll become nervous or worried when we are going through a challenging period. The dangerous side of this is; many people had allowed more damages to their health because they were focusing on the apprehension for too long. Let me take you through both the factors that could resonate with anxiety, the effects, and sound solutions to it. CAUSES OF ANXIETY There are three (3) major factors of anxiety disorder. And we can divide the facets to two categorize, which are internal and external factors. Physical condition. The Effects of drugs/ Medications. Mental condition. The common external factors or physical condition of anxiety are stress; and it can come through unique methods, such as… Financial Stress: If you can't meet up with your financial demands.  Work Stress: when you are feeling so exhausted at wo