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How to overcome challenges of life.


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How to overcome challenges of life


This Life is full of uncertainties! Many are times (in our individual journey in life) some things suddenly happen that we had never expected; and they'd become big and/or stubborn challenges to us and seem to have no solution. This makes us feel so lonely even though we have people around us. We feel so dry as if there is no blood in our veins, and things look terribly impossible as though we'll never find a way out any more. It may possibly get to a state that we sometimes find it so dif´Čücult to think of the way forward.

But; do you know what?

All those feelings and/or thoughts are just in our thought

You are probably thinking;  How do I mean?

Now, Let's look at it from this perspective!!

For each and everything that happens on a daily basis; which of them stops the day from breaking, sun from shining, and/ or moon from doing its duty?
Certainly none.
That is nothing but the truth,
Like they say! "Truth is bitter," but if I restrain from saying it "exactly the way it is" then I'm not helping in any way.

I've gone through different seasons in my life that I never expected, neither do I ever want to experience such again, for those were very tough times for me.

You see! 

As a child (even from age seven) I'd started to experience what it really means to be maltreated by my Step-Mother.
Never the less, I kept on hoping things will get better one day, " I'll be on my own one day, and all that will be over.
But one thing I really thank God for was that, even though she so much maltreated me I'd never hated her for a second and/or never really have to sit down and start ruminating about her bad behaviors towards me, which could cost me the neutral feeling I had towards her. But on the contrary, all my aims and prayers were to make it in life and make good impacts. I wanted to grow up to be a responsible man, and as well have a peaceful, God fearing wife, (that will never add to my challenges but be a helper indeed).

And I can only remember some of the efforts I've made, businesses I've tried and/or investments I've made that never amount to anything.
But do you know what? All those failed efforts had never; and will never stop me from trying the more.

I'd purposely shared a little part of my struggles with you, for you to know that I understand it perfectly well when I say "DON'T GIVE UP"  because, Naturally; you might think that there is no Success for you in life, or even with a wrong - belief of some set of people, that Success is just for some people, (which is a misleading lie). The story I shared is for you to understand that if you are truly determined to overcome challenges of life, then you must not give up, and if you don't want to give up you must be focused.

In this article; I'm going to share some things you need to be focused on so that you can always and easily overcome challenges when they finally come.

Note: Whether you like it or not, challenging times will always come, Because challenges part of life and are inevitable just as changes.

Quote = If you don't learn what you don't know, you may never know what you don't learn.

In other words, if you always want to defeat your challenges in life you must learn and know how to do it, which is the inspiration behind this article. You must know the strategy and how to apply it to every situations or conditions you find yourself in life.

Before I go further; what does it mean to give up? 
To Give up means, " to Let go of success," in a particular thing, or some particular areas of life.

The question is; why will you allow success to sleep away?

Naturally; as human beings, we get weak and tend to shrink back at any pursuit, most especially if we had made two to three attempts with no result.

85% won't make the third attempt; The next 10% won't try it the fourth time; The other 4% will give up, at the mid of fifth; but only 1% will go farther than fifth.

Why is it so?

There are six things that hugely contribute to this overwhelming discouragement. 

 #1 - Lack of zeal: When there is no push, (lost resilience)

#2 - Giving room for distractions (no focus): When you allow what someone says, or your negative thoughts to chieft your focus from the ultimate goal (s)

#3 - Lack of Purpose Discovery: If you are yet to know what you are here (on earth) to do.

#4 - Lack of resource: If you don't have who and/ or what to fall back on, at a challenging time.
For example;  Someone like a good friend, Mentor, and/ or some good articles, Music, etc;  that could easily restore your hope whenever you are down.

#5 - Non-Teachable: If you feel you know enough, and not ready to learn from someone that could possibly help you out of your challenges (pride)

#6 - Lack of self-Motivation: This means you find it so difficult to keep encouraging yourself and keep taking actions until you achieve your goal (s). This is very very essential! You really need to be self- motivated; either to overcome a troubled mindset and/ or all challenges of life.

#7 - Fear: Fear is another thing that could stop you from giving a new shot at your aim (s) of achievement.

Now that you know things that could possibly stop and/ or delay you from achieving your goals, or overcoming your challenges; all you need and/ must do is to go all the way, and be sure to stop them before they stop you.

Turning all these negativities around! Here are things you need and/or must always do to overcome your challenges!!! At whatever rate; in life.

#1 - You must Understand the Uncertainty of life: As much as we don't like challenges; they are still part of life. Nobody can skip some challenges of life and really end well.

How do I mean?

This life is like a school; the times we're told and /or hear about one thing or the other, (either directly from someone, or through something) were the LEARNING SECTIONS
Challenges are life school examinations one must pass to move to the higher class.

Some challenges are a must for you to face and defeat now, but if you skip you might meet again in future, and probably be worst than it might be right now. That's why you must expect it and be ready to tackle it and be sure you come out being better after all.
Remember: only those who wait and/or fight through the end get crowned.

#2 - You need the Zeal: For you to achieve any great thing in life you need zeal. Zeal is the energy or enthusiasm that always makes you feel so unsatisfied with some situations or conditions and it renews your strength to try it again and again even though you've failed many times before, it strengthens you to continue trying until you get a good result.

#3 - You must be Focused:  You must be focused if you want to achieve great things (s) in this life. So many things (people, conditions, and/or situations) are always there to distract you from achieving your goal (s) in life. That's why you must always be focused in order to be able to get what you really want to achieve in life.

#4 - Purpose Discovery:  Let me start with a "question."

What's the essence of a life without a good impact?

I'll take it from here; Have you ever thought of each part of your body   ( I mean, your Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Hands and Legs) and see how important they are to each other?. Each of them is created for a purpose, and they all serve their purposes perfectly well; that is why if any of them is having a problem others feel and/or are affected by it, for they are one.

Only if we can think deeply about this then we may start to realize that our existence in life is not just for fun but to serve our purpose and continue to make this world a better place for all.

Back to you : 

The only thing that could help you avoid giving up, or help you to be resilient towards achieving your goal (s) is to know that you were made to serve a purpose in life, as in to help humanity through a "course" which you must discover for you to live a fulfilled life.

When you discover this purpose of yours, it'll help to restrengthen you whenever you are getting weak or feeling discouraged because you'll always remember you have a very good impact to make, someone to help, and if left undone you'll be a bad course to the world.

5# - You must have Resource: Resources are backups! Things and/ or anyone that can easily talk you off challenges, or help you to overcome challenges. Since you already know that challenges of life are inevitable, Then apart from encouraging yourself you also need people (like good friends, family or a Mentor)  that you can turn to, and things (like Music or Sport, etc) you could do to help forget about your challenges and failures. With this, you'll always see reasons you should never give up on your goal (s)

Note: I have to be clear on this; You should know if someone is really helping you out of problems or putting you into another because there are different kinds of friends. If the only things the people you called friends are encouraging you to do are things that can destroy your body system, or destiny (telling you to smoke, drink, etc) it's better you stop being friends with such people because they only help make you worst, and perpetual failure. 
And if what always comes to your mind whenever you are facing challenges is negative and you continue to do it, then it means you are simply dashing out your success and your destiny, which you may never get back if you are not careful.
So, my advice is for you to always choose your friends wisely, and be very conscious of whatever you do in times of troubles, for that's what shows  (1) if you learn from your predicament (2) if you are getting stronger in those challenges (3) if those challenges are increasing the level of your maturity or not (4) if you'll be successful in life or not. The strength of a strong man is known and seen in times of challenges.

#6 - You must be Teachable: Knowledge is the Stronghold of any kind of success!
Learners are great leaders. Anyone who always learn will always find a way out of challenges and end up making it in life. Because the more you learn, the more you grow in wisdom. So never assume you know it all. Reach out to people who can help you, and always open your mind to learning. This will really help you in times of challenges.

Quote = If you don't learn what you don't know, you may never know what you don't learn.

#7 - Self-Motivation: You must learn how to motivate yourself. The truth is, as much as friends and family may be there for you, they can also be the source of you heartbreak at times because they are human being like you, and that also makes them be imperfect.
So the best and/or a first way to help yourself out of challenges or problems is to know-how, and be able to motivate yourself at these times; because it all bounced back on you, even if you were encouraged or motivated by someone but failed to motivate yourself you can't move to achieve your goal (s) in life. Life is not about what has happened or happening to you now, but what you determine to make of it, it's about what you want to see it becomes tomorrow. For this, you must make self-motivation the first and last option in your life.

#8 - Overcoming your Fears: There is no doubt that each and every one of us has our own fears just as we have our own strength in life. And this occurs most especially at the times when we want to do something new, that makes us feel remote, and tend to question the inner mind, by asking - can I succeed in this?. This is very natural, and everyone feels it, Trying a new thing is like attempting to launch into darkness abyss, because you don't know what you'll meet in its depth,  but trying and failing is better than not trying at all, and several failures don't mean you can't succeed at that thing. All you need is to give yourself to continuous learning, and seeking help when necessary. The only way to overcoming your fears is to never stop making attempt. This is how to overcome any kind of fear.


You are the only one who can really help you, no matter whom trys to if you fail to change you are going no where, so pray, keep learning, seek help, take proactive actions, but if you still fail keep believing in yourself.


Please share your thought about this article, and don't forget to share if you find it useful.

Thanks for reading


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