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6 simple decisions that can turn your life around

simple decisions can turn your life around

 A Wise man loses nothing if he has himself - Michel de Montaigne.

you can only maintain integrity when you be yourself and stand by it because everything you need to succeed is right inside you.   

Decision making is the key to a successful life; as indecision is the antidote for stagnancy.

Life is in two ways; there are things we have power over, and the ones we don’t have power over, but deciding on whatever you must do to be yourself at all times is the best decision one can make in life.

1, You have power over your mind.

eg: you can decide whether to allow a challenge of life to overcome you or to have victory over it, it all depends on you. 

2, You don’t have the power to prevent some challenges. Some challenges are inevitable. 

For example: if you are a businessman, there is a possibility that you might not able to satisfy all customers, at all times due to some unexpected situations that may occur, and because your customers don’t have the same mentality could also be a challenge.

If some challenges are not preventable, that means some are preventable.

For example: if you already know there will be a lockdown, and you have the money, you can prevent starvation by storing enough food at home. With that single action, you’d prevented the challenges of starvation because you have the means.

Despite that, there are challenges you can avoid or not, Life is not about those challenges; it’s all about how you manage them. The real you often unveil in challenging times; meaning, that’s when you get to know your weakness and strength, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be better, it just the time for you to notice and make amendments where necessary.

Pleasurable things rarely come easily, and life itself is easy and without troubles (as you think), but only reflects you, your thoughts and actions towards it. In order words, you must do your part, see into the future you want to see, and start living the life you want to live from now.

What decision should you make to see your life turned around?

#1.  the decision to live your life:  Loving yourself for whom you are is the key to happiness. Although, not everyone will love and/or appreciate you, also know that if you’re not proud of yourself first, you may see no one to do that for you. You must believe in yourself, do not allow people to talk you down.

You might not be good at everything, but you are good at something. To live your life, you need to discover your first. Be focused,

before you do anything, ask yourself; for what benefit will this be to me and others around me? Know what you want and go for it.

Even though someone advises you, sit back and ruminate on it before you take a step. Don’t live a double life.

#2. The decision to never give up: The only person who has power over your success is you. Nothing can stop you from being coming whom you want to be, or from achieving your goals except yourself. No doubt that no pleasurable thing comes easily, but the remedy for the failure is to pursue success resiliently.

#3. The decision to make it: Similar to number two is this, but with an unconventional approach, they are actually not the same. (In my opinion).

 When you decide to never give up, then you have decided you'll make it, the only difference here is that when you decide not to give up you are pursuing something;

 eg: Trying to get a contract, or to be a success in your business, etc.

But making it is not always like that.

For example, you can make a suitable name for yourself and your family even when you are still poor. 

My advice to you is to always try your best to be a solution wherever you find yourself.

#4. The decision to be a blessing: Most people became so proud of themselves because they feel they own themselves. Ie, they can do what they like. Especially those who always request praises from their beneficiaries.

Note:  “I’m not against giving appreciation to whom is due,” but to demand it is to put yourself in God’s place. And by doing that you are simply saying, you don’t need God’s rewards for the good you’ve done.

Remember,  the business and/or work you are doing and made it through, many are doing the same thing (some are even putting more efforts than you do) but are still struggling. So it’s not you that’s making things happen, but God.

Looking at the lives of talented inventors; the only reason they could accomplish so much was that they always think of how to be a blessing to others. 

That’s why anyone who wants to make outstanding achievements in life must set out to be a blessing to others, always.

#5. The decision to live for God: deciding to live for God alone is the very best decision anyone on this earth can make. 

Note: not been religious here!

What I mean is that you should do your thing hoping to please God alone. There is a difference between being Religious and being Godly.

Be focused on how to make a good impact on people’s lives, and what you need to become successful will eventually immerse, because both good impact and your success are dwelling in help.

#6. The decision to be joyful always:  when you are filled with joy, you won’t see challenges but opportunities, every challenge will always give you a chance to think your way through because you’ll only be seeing the glorious ends of challenges.

A cheery person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but a person with a certain set of attitudes — Hugh Downs

So experiencing a turned-around life you need a positive mindset, a worthy lifestyle, and a heart of blessing. In this three (3) all other things lie.


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